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I was recently a guest on FreeTok via Skooldaze Radio with host Moyatu and Denzil. I was accompanied by the some talented boss ladies: Akilah (Nura Magazine), Jasmine Battle (singer/songwriter), Niki McGloster (journalist). During this Girl Boss Tingz Episode, we discussed business, relationships, and support from family and friends in our endeavors. We shared a common value that a Girl Boss must possess balance, integrity, openness to sharing her space with other women, and a willingness to constantly evolve. She also understands the importance of inspiring the next generation.

In observance of Black History Month, we also jumped into the topic of the different perspectives and experiences of African Americans and Africans and the pride we all hold/should hold. We all agreed that whether our ancestors fought back and maintained their native tongue or survived and fought through the trauma of inhumane conditions and showed resilience in spite of rape, discrimination, segregation, police brutality etc., we all have a right to be proud of our heritage, to celebrate it, and the pass that pride, culture, and resilience to our kids. Check out the convo below in the video below.


Khilia Chantal

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