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Pretty Vital Brush Set

Pretty Vital Brush Set

SKU: PV20102020
$65.00 Regular Price
$45.00Sale Price

Rose Gold Glory, Soft and fluffy, 

The story of the 7 pieces that brought beauty to the world, 

She is Pretty Vital, 

A collection of experience, love, purpose, and passion, 

She is more than brushes in a set, 

She is ART, 

Crafted to create art, 

You are her perfect work,

You are God's image in flesh, 

It's about time you two met. 


The Pretty Vital Collection provides the 7 essential brushes, each labeled with an affirmative phrase that will guide you through the makeup application process.  


Disclaimer: The pearls depicted in the image does not come with the brushes. 

  • 1. Pre-Condition:  Dip bristles in olive oil and swirl on a paper to towel to remove built up makeup products.  

    2. Wet: When wetting the bristles, avoid wetting the ferrule and handle.  Unnecessary wetness can damage and loosen the fibers and ferrule of the brush and decrease the longevity of your brush. 

    3. Wash: Use a gentle soap on the makeup brush bristle

    4. Rinse: Hold the brush downward, move back and forth on your hand or makeup cleansing tool.  

    5. Dry: Remove excess water by gently squeeze the bristle with your hand, microfiber towel, or papertowel.  Hang brushes downward to dry completely.

    *Do NOT pull bristles as it will loosen the bristle and adhesive. 

  • Give Them Face:  Dome shape kabuki style foundation brush, can be used with liquid and creme foundations 

    Cheeks Snatched: A contour brush perfect for liquid and creme contour products. 

    Powder Me Down:  Ready. Set. Go. This powder brush is perfect for setting your face with loose or pressed powders. 

    Make Me Blush:  Blush brush.  This brush work well with cream and powder products.  Can be used for blush and highlighter. 

    Eye Look Pretty:  Flat Eyeshadow brush, perfect for creams and powders.  Can also be used to apply concealer.  

    All Eyes On Me: Fluffy dome shaped blending brush.  Designed to provide a blown out crease application. 

    Just Wing It:  Angled liner brush that's perfect for cream, gel, and powder products.  This brush can also be used to shape and define the brows. 

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