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"Lovin This Melanated Girl" Brunch Changed My Hair Care Routine.

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I received an e-mail and a dm from Shane Engedi, inviting me to her brunch on Saturday June 15th.  In pure procrastination fashion, I waited until the last minute to purchase my ticket, but I have 0 regrets.

Though I was running late after servicing makeup clients, I made it in time to order a meal and mingle with some beautiful strangers.  Shane gifted us with some sample and full size haircare products and I happened to win some additional goodies.

Although I stopped using relaxers in August of 2007, I have never truly explored my tresses. I’ve always taken the route of braids, top buns, or a fresh press. The day of this event was no different.

My hair was freshly pressed and pulled in a top bun, so I wasn’t pressed to use any of the products. One day as I was scrolling through Instagram Shane posted a picture of her hair when it was hydrated vs dehydrated. That post encouraged me to take some time to give my hair some TLC.  My hair care routine instantly changed with one product from the gift bag.

Carrot Oil!

I washed and conditioned my hair with Mielle’s Rosemary line and used their Peony leave in conditioner as I would any other wash day.  After detangling and moisturizing my hair with Mielle cream babasu oil, I locked in the moisture with Hairgarten Carrot Crush Moisture Lock Oil. 

I’ve been using all the other products for some time, but I’ve always struggled to find an oil that keeps the moisture locked in, while providing a sheen, without leaving an oil stain on my pillow case or car seat. I think I finally figured out the recipe. My hair feels and looks great! 

If your hair is anything like mine, you will love it!


Khilia Chantal 

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